Technical Support

Bottle labelling and or sleeving

generic hex cube

When you want to stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself from your competitors, or you just need that marketing edge, labelling and sleeving makes a significant difference to your product visibility. What does your container say about you? Talk to us about how we can improve the look of your rigid packaging.

Distribution Services


As a national distributor of rigid packaging, Class Plastics can meet your distribution needs. We use a combination of our own fleet and other providers to ensure we can deliver cost effective solutions while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Company logo or insignia embossed


Is it important for your customers to associate high quality with your product? If so, you may want to have your company logo or insignia embossed on the drums. Not only will the customer associate the quality of your product with your name but also the quality container it comes.

Technical Advice / Project Development

Technical Advice  Project Development

Do you know what container will most suit your product? Does the product have specific properties or come under the dangerous goods act, which may mean it needs specific containers? Do you know how long and under what conditions your product will be stored? All these factors can determine which container is ideal for your product and it may be different to what you think. As specialists in custom moulding, we know the benefits of each of our products, so if you have any doubts or need a specialist’s advice, please contact us for technical advice.

Design and procurement of custom moulding

As specialists in custom moulding, we work with you to develop products that will give you a competitive edge. The emergency 4 and 5 litre fuel cans with specially designed anti-glug funnels to reduce the risk of spills were developed in conjunction with, and are now supplied exclusively by, ProQuip. Barrier technology creates a laminated barrier, which is a cost effective alternative to fluorination and metal packaging, and the associated issues. Talk to us about your needs!

Closure Printing

What is the one part of every container that all your staff and customers use? The closure or cap. You may not be competing for customers on shelves in retail outlets but you still want your customers to know whose product they are using. By printing on the closure, this is the first and last image your customer sees every time they use your container, so why not leave them with a reminder of your company?