Pro Quip International In Focus

Martin Haines, Director

Tell us a little about your business and your partnership with Class Plastics.

We are a specialty Importer and Distributor of Automotive and Industrial Products and have been operating in Australia for over 25 years. Since 1995 we have worked closely with Class Plastics and it is pleasing to see that we have both developed and succeeded in that time. We value Class Plastics’ dedication and expertise in manufacturing quality products, especially dealing in dangerous goods. In this industry to have never suffered loss of sales, we can never underestimate what this means to us.

Why did you choose Class Plastics?

We have had long association with Class Plastics from purchasing plastic army water containers to now to an extensive range. They have already been there for us and when sudden overseas market changes occurred a few years back, with Class Plastics we were able to develop a solid framework for success and capture back lost sales. Class Plastics over a 12-month period was able to provide the right tooling for us to ensure we were competitive and in a better position strategically.

Which products from Class Plastics do you use and why?

We purchase at least 10 plastic variants in different sizes and sell water containers using our customised tooling to automatic, retail, hardware chains and leisure markets.We are now working also with Class Plastics in continuing to drive new product innovation, and have six new product variants in the pipeline

Tell us how Class Plastics has made a difference to your business?

In the last 12 months we have had exceptional growth due to securing a new account. Class Plastics has been working with us to ensure regular stock when we require it. Having a month’s stock coverage has ensured us to have safeguard measures in place and sales viability. Class Plastics is all about providing solutions and great outcomes. They are a true partner for us.