Hydro Chem In Focus

Tony Ventura, Facilities Manager

Tell us a little about your business and your partnership with Class Plastics.

At Hydro Chem,we deliver comprehensive strategies to solve water treatment management issues.We started working with Class Plastics right from our early days many years ago,with Class Plastics supplying our 20 litre drums. Class Plastics worked with us when we started to build our brand and market our products in the commercial sector, and now also in manufacturing across many sectors including food.

When you think of Class Plastics, what comes to mind?

They have been a true partner in every way, and have helped to take the stress out of the process. Class Plastics always deliver on time and have streamlined their process, making it beneficial for everyone concerned. What impressed us most was that they went out of their way to listen, asked us what type of drum we wanted, and provided a tailored solution. It shows that they really care for the success of our business, and that means a lot to us.They produce, label and deliver to the supplier – they are always a pleasure to work with!

Which products from Class Plastics do you stock and why?

Class Plastics have been supplying mainly the 10 and 15 litre drums. These have been our core range for the last six months due to customer demand.

How has Class Plastics made a difference to your business?

Class Plastics is unique compared to their competitors, as they have a flat management structure. This means that when there are immediate issues, we can go straight to Mario and Daniel without unnecessary management layers and complexity. We can be heard, and this has made a difference in resolving, brainstorming and growing together. Having direct and regular points of contact also with our Class Plastics Representative cannot be underestimated.

Anything else you would like to add?

Class Plastics is forever reliable – I cannot stress that enough. In turn, they make us reliable and accountable, which plays a major part in our ability to provide outstanding customer satisfaction.We have a good name in the delivery chain so having a like-minded partner like Class Plastics is essential for us to meet existing and future customer needs.