Class Packaging (Aust.) Pty Ltd In Focus

Craig Bubner, General Manager

Tell us a little about your business and your partnership with Class Plastics.

Class Packaging (Aust.) Pty Ltd is a well-established company that has distributed a large range of quality packaging solutions to the Australian market for over thirty years, and has worked closely with Class Plastics over that time. Based in Adelaide, Class Packaging (Aust.) Pty Ltd not only distributes but also has warehouse facilities which have assisted in serving Class Plastics customers in the South Australian market.

When you think of Class Plastics, what comes to mind?

The overall professionalism of Class Plastics with Mario and Daniel’s dynamic leadership is a powerful combination.Our steadfast relationship ensures that our current and new customers’ needs are always top of mind. This is particularly important in today’s competitive environment.Class Plastics is readily open to negotiation and aims to provide the best solutions in terms of price and product.They will always go the extra mile for customers.

Which products from Class Plastics do you stock and why?

At Class Packaging (Aust.) Pty Ltd we stock and sell all of the Class Plastics product range. The range is certainly high quality and has a good reputation in the marketplace. We are very excited to see the latest innovative technology coming from Class Plastics, especially the anti-glug product. This will appeal to customers looking for more value-add.We look forward to working with Class Plastics into the future.