Chemical House Pty Ltd

“ Chemical House” has had an association with Class Plastics for more than 25 years. We have tried other more local suppliers of the time as this was prior to Class establishing a local plant, but have always come back to Class due to their consistent quality. In the last five years we again went back to them as they were the only HDPE bottle supplier who took our quality requirements seriously. Since then we have both enjoyed the increase in business and their service too, has moved with the times, streamlining our operations. We appreciate the input that Class Plastics have provided us, via good policies, management & consistent quality.

Glenn Bowring

People in Plastic

People in Plastic have been distributing Class Plastics products for over 12 years.
We know we can rely on top quality products that work for our customers.
We know we can rely on timely deliveries and responsive customer service from their team.

People in Plastic proudly recommend Class Plastics.

Graham Paul

Cookers Bulk Oil Systems Pty Ltd

At Cookers Bulk Oil System, we have been purchasing our 20 litre oil cubes and accessories for our Yatala depot from Class Plastics for several years now, and, more recently the same product in the 15 litre size. Their service has always been first class, very helpful and with prompt delivery. I am anticipating continuing to use Class Plastics as my premium supplier of these products for many years to come.

Dennis Crook

Genesis Industrial

We are a small family-owned business situated in Mackay Qld, where we manufacture a range of specialty chemicals to customers predominantly in Qld; however it is not unusual for us to dispatch to customers in all states in Australia. Class Plastics have been our Supplier for many years for too many reasons to list here. The most important to us are:

The Team is simply second to none. To have staff like this would be a “Godsend” to any business (I am so jealous!). The Customer Service is outstanding – absolutely nothing is too much trouble. I can place an “urgent” order of a morning and know it will be on its way to transport before the close of business. For our business this is so important! Seldom do I have issues with Invoicing/Statements, but if I do the communication lines are open and issues addressed quickly and efficiently (usually the error lies with me, what’s more!). I love the “new look” invoicing! I would not hesitate in recommending this fine Company with its fine employees to anyone. Class Plastics truly are a Class Above!

Carmel Yates, Genesis Industrial