Quality Assurance

Class Plastics’ Quality Assurance System is designed to ensure our containers are manufactured to meet both our customers’ and regulatory requirements.


At Class Plastics, our mission is to provide packaging that gives ultimate value to our customers. To do this, we have developed rigorous quality assurance systems to ensure our containers are manufactured to meet both our customers’ and regulatory requirements.

Globally Recognised Quality Assurance System

As a global leader in manufacturing and distribution of rigid plastic container packaging solutions, Class Plastics’ Quality Assurance System is duly accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001). This certification ensures that our policies and principles are designed to consistently meet our customers’ requirements and that we are consistently improving our quality assurance system.

Our Philosophy

At Class Plastics, we believe that quality is inherent in any business. It is our livelihood. Customers pay for quality. That’s why we’ve built our quality management system around our customers and we continue to look for ways to adapt and improve our quality standards to make sure that it stays relevant to our customers’ current and evolving needs.

Building a Quality Assurance System

Building a quality assurance system is more than just testing a product. From how we input a sales order to how we order our supplies and deliver our products, all of these are governed by our quality assurance system.

  • Internal and External Audits

Our quality assurance system is comprised of both internal and external audit systems. Our people are very much involved in developing the policies and principles governing these audits. We value their inputs in building this structure.

As a manufacturing company, our processes keep evolving. Through our internal quality audits, we engage in interviews with our people to make sure that the way we do things is coherent with our documented manuals. This ensures that our manuals are always up to date with the current state of the process. Our internal audits also help determine the efficacy of any new process and whether or not it complies with our quality standards.

ISO does surveillance audits annually and a re-certification audit at the end of every three-year certification cycle. During these audits, the ISO reviews our quality assurance system, including internal audit systems, as well as our overall business performance. They may also recommend approaches to improve our existing quality procedures.

  • Customer Feedback

We believe that the best quality assurance system is one that is rooted in exceptional customer experience.

We consider our customers’ feedback as the most valuable resource in maintaining a high level of quality assurance. From time to time, we invite our customers to our sites to perform their own audits and provide us with their feedback. Working in partnership with our customers enables us to continuously improve our policies, processes, and technology, and deliver an outstanding customer experience all the time.

Our customers are our reason for being! We consistently invest in systematic and innovative approaches to keep our promises to our customers and prove the value of our relationship by being the best at what we do. 

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Mario Nastri

Mario Nastri is currently a director/shareholder of Class Plastics Aust., Class Plastics QLD. & Class Packaging SA. In his past endeavors he has worked as a biochemist & physiologist at the University of Naples, Federico II 1993-1997, concentrating on aquaculture, marine pollution & during the winter months Cryogenics & IVF research & development, holding a Bachelor of Science majoring in Pharmacology & Biochemistry from Monash University. Mario also has a strong logistics background having managed a fleet of heavy vehicles which was part of a family owned business in the 1980’s & 90’s, transporting quarry stone, sand & asphalt for road surfacing. He has been with Class Plastics since 1999 & has extensive Blow molding knowledge which he has acquired over the past 20 years. He has extensive knowledge in managing a manufacturing business & overseeing a staff of 40 odd people across 4 states & 24 hour operations. He is committed to the continuous improvement of every department of the Class Plastics business, from improving manufacturing processes to creating energy via a 365Kw/1350 solar panel system installed 24 months ago.

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