NEW Anti-Glug Pouring Funnel

We are proud to announce the New Anti Glug funnel. In a first for Class Plastics we have started to manufacture a funnel for all 58mm caps that has an anti glug feature which reduces spills and creates much safer pouring. Thanks to your feedback we have been able to produce a funnel that meets all your needs.

Is time money? Is a slippery floor the cause of many workplace accidents? How much time and money do you want to spend cleaning up spills to make your employees’ workplace safe? Do you want to see the products you have purchased needlessly wasted?

At Class Plastics, we know that the end users of our customers’ products would rather not have any of the above concerns. We also know that few things irritate someone in a hurry to drain a bottle of its contents than having to wait for the constant glug, glug, glug of the equalising pressure bubbles. But that may not be the worst of it, you see, these glugs are often the cause of the product wastage which can result in costly cleaning time or, if the spills are not attended to quickly, a slippery surface waiting for an accident.

So why tolerate the glug, glug, glug?

To create a solution for this annoying, costly and hazardous problem, Class Plastics have developed their own anti-glug pouring funnel. It is suitable for all of its 58mm caps and significantly reduces wastage due to spillage and the resultant time and labour cost of cleaning up the mess. This leaves more time for employees to be productive.

We know it’s just a small thing. Nonetheless, it’s a small thing with a large payoff and therefore a major selling feature for the end user of our customers’ products so we are happy to make a noise about it.

So if you are in the business of making your customers’ lives easier as they pour their agricultural chemicals, their pool chlorine, their construction chemicals or acids then perhaps calling 3 8353 6200 to discuss Class Plastic’s anti-glug funnel attachment is a sensible commercial decision. Our knowledgeable people are only too pleased to help with any inquiries

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