Freight Saver Rectangular Cubes now in Production

Increased capacity of up to 25% per pallet now available. From 640 up to 800 litres per pallet.

One of the issues for many of our customers over the years has been how they can increase the capacity of their pallet loads and hence their potential profits without increasing the risks to staff, drivers, the containers themselves and of course the products they hold. After completing research into customer needs, changing occupational health and safety requirements and pallet organisation, we have developed a rectangular cube that stacks differently to what you are used to. The major benefit of the change in design is that it is now possible to increase the capacity of the pallet by up to 25%. You will know the margins you are working with and it won’t take you long to realise the increased efficiency you can make in freight as well as the increased profit potential. Please call Leo to discuss how these cubes can work for you.

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