In focus: Class Plastics Promotion winner; Michael Yamine, HydroChem


The recent Class Plastics Market Survey promotion winner was Michael Yamine, National Procurement Managerof HydroChem. Michael has been with HydroChem over 12 years with the last 3 years in the current role. He is a seasoned professional with expertise in Supply Chain Management, Commercial Contract Negotiation and Sustainable Procurement Strategies.

Michael says, “At HydroChem we’re recognised as the clear market leader in Australia’s water treatment industry and are Australian owned and managed liked Class Plastics. Our relationship with Class Plastics is long standing now over 15 years and it is pleasing to see how both companies have enjoyed rapid growth in that time. We are renowned for having a skilled and professional employee base, superior customer service and being innovative in everything we do.”

Michael adds, “Class Plastics is a reliable supplier for us, who help us achieve a firm foundation for growth. Not only do they help us in meeting our customers’ evolving needs with their consistent quality products, but also their products are innovative in design. Take the cube closures for example – which are easy to pour and close. We purchase the 15 litre cubes and 10 litre jerry cans, which are dangerous goods approved and compatible with a wide range of chemicals, so perfect for our inhibitors and biocide substances, which are essential for our customers. They certainly tick all the boxes for us.”

“What I admire most about Class Plastics is their responsiveness. They are more than happy to quickly send a couple of pallets through whilst a formal order is being organized. This has helped us provide superior customer service. Further, any technical issues with any products are dealt with in a prompt and timely manner, which gives peace of mind for us.“
Reflecting on the one moment that stands out with the relationship to date with Class Plastics Michael says, “They pleasantly surprised us by providing us the complete solution by custom delivering some orders to a third party, (product with labels /packaging), at no additional cost. This value add of including labelling at Class Plastics, avoided potential double handling and ensured a fast and streamlined process. It certainly helped HydroChem. It is for these reasons that we look forward to working with Class Plastics into the future.”

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