Daniel Carapellotti leading Class Plastics now and in to the Future

Class Plastics (Aust) Pry Ltd has been proudly operating for over 25 years and CEO Daniel Carapellotti
has been with the company for over seventeen years, with the last seven years as a part owner.
Over that time, Class Plastics has become Australia’s market leader in rigid plastic packaging.

“My current role is critical to the overall business strategy”, said Daniel, “My biggest challenge is to
align company strategy, and business plans to the ever evolving dynamics in the industry. The next
five years will be challenging and rewarding.”

“As the industry continues to rationalise, we continue to strengthen our core business and aim to
play a pivotal role as a supplier, by continuing to innovate and develop our product range”. Daniel
further adds, “one of the key challenges in the industry is to maintain a level of margin that ensures
reinvestment into new technologies. Pricing pressure, together with increased cost of conversion
are significant factors and to remain competitive and relevant, an investment strategy in technology
and new product development are essential for future success. Another challenge is meeting
customer demand for products and providing a competitive advantage over imports.”

On reflecting on the success of Class Plastics, Daniel attributes a number of factors: having a solid
foundation built over 25 years, (both in knowledge and experience); having dedicated and loyal staff,
(with over 50% of staff have served fifteen or more years); motivation and leadership from Company
Directors; solid relationships with customers and suppliers and good old fashion quality and service.

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