Class Plastics and The Product Makers: Partners in Growth

As an international manufacturer of food flavourings, it is extremely important to The Product Makers that the quality of their packaging reflects the quality of their products.

Founded in 1989, The Product Makers, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, has in-depth knowledge and innovation to create and deliver total, unique flavour solutions. With satellite laboratories in South America and the Asia Pacific region, and manufacturing facilities in Australia, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and India, using reliable, stable, and very strong packaging containers for their products is a critical requirement. Class Plastics met this need.

“Because The Products Makers are really focusing on Asia, we need a reliable, stable, very strong drum. So in the early discussions with Class Plastics, we stressed to them how important it was to us. They took that on board. The drum that we’re using from them would be at least 50-60% stronger than traditional drums, and I’m very confident that we’re not going have any issues. We’ve had great success.”, says Shane Mitchell, CEO of The Product Makers.

“Class Plastics ticked off all requirements we have and then it came down to designing a drum specifically for us. They were able to do that without any major discussions and did it in a professional way. They kept us up to speed in what was going on and assisted us with the changeover, which was also very, very, smooth. They continually come back to us and ask if there’s something they can improve. If our guys in the factory came up with a good idea, we’ll talk to Class Plastics and see how we can implement it and then we move forward together”.

The Product Makers initially purchased containers that are in the 15-25 kilo range until they found out we have a lot more products than that. Currently, The Product Makers purchases containers from 1 kilo up to 200 kilos capacity.  “It’s good for us that we have a one-stop shop now”, says Shane.

Class Plastics understands that customers like The Product Makers have manufacturing processes that run to a schedule so the reliable timing of their deliveries is critical. Our nationwide distribution network ensures that we satisfy our customers delivery needs in a timely fashion.

“If we want it at 10 o’clock on Monday, it doesn’t mean 11 o’clock. It means 10 because we’ve done all our scheduling around that. Class Plastics’ delivery is superior to any of our suppliers and on all of the things we buy. Class Plastics are the top of the tree for delivery on time in full. The thing about Class Plastics that really impresses me is that when they say they’re going to do something, they actually do it. We received a massive order from a customer and we were able to get Class Plastics to turn around the required containers in 24 hours. We were able to then fulfill our customer’s order. Our customer was extremely happy with us.”

At Class Plastics, we believe that providing the best products and services possible contributes to our customers’ success.

“We’re extremely happy with Class Plastics. Class Plastics want to grow and The Product Makers want to grow, and if we can do that together, all the better”.

If you’re in a business that relies on quality plastic and environmentally friendly containers to maintain your trading reputation, talk to us.

At Class Plastics, we’re not about us – we’re about you.

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