Class Plastics and ProQuip: Partners in Growth

16 years ago, ProQuip International, a specialty importer, and distributor of Automotive and Hardware products, found themselves in a very difficult situation when their international supplier abruptly ceased supplying their packaging needs in Australia. Class Plastics met with ProQuip and worked closely with them to develop a solid framework for success and to recover lost sales. “Class Plastics was able to help us design, produce, and bring to market a range of fuel cans, which is now a market leader here in Australia and we’ve started to export around the world. Class Plastics’ ability to react, their knowledge of the product, and their knowledge of people in the industry were absolutely second to none”, says Stuart Broadley, Finance Director and Part-Owner of ProQuip. Class Plastics has been supplying ProQuip with the largest range of Australian standards approved plastic fuel cans that come in different sizes, colors, configurations, and accessories. Being an industry leader themselves, it’s such a great experience to work with ProQuip in developing new products to bring into the market. “The benefit of dealing with Class Plastics is their ability to react to market conditions and change products in a very short time frame. They were able to cater for our ideas. We throw an idea at them. We get a yes or a no. If it’s a yes, it’s happening; and it’s happening quickly. They’ve been an integral part of our growth and we’ve seen their contribution to our sales double. We gained new customers and had existing customers ordering up ten thousands of cans for a certain period of the year, and Class Plastics came through with the goods. We’ve kept our customer happy.” “The future with Class Plastics and ProQuip is going to be a long and healthy business relationship. It has progressed over the last 15 to 20 years very well. I don’t see that changing. It’s only going to get better. We’re only going to get closer. We’ve never been happier with the supplier and we see that continuing.” At Class Plastics, we believe that our company is going places if yours is!

So, if you’re in a business that relies on quality plastic and environmentally friendly containers to maintain your trading reputation, talk to us.

At Class Plastics, we’re not about us – we’re about you.

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