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Class Plastics (Aust) Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned and operated Industry Leader in the manufacture and distribution of rigid plastic container packaging, utilising the latest overseas technology.

For the last five years especially, Class Plastics has committed to 2-3 overseas trips per year visiting Trade Expos and equipment suppliers to the plastics industry with countries of interest mainly; Germany, Italy, Taiwan and China and USA. These overseas markets are known for being dynamic and committed to product innovation.

Daniel Carapellotti, CEO of Class Plastics says, “It is critical for us to visit and network with key stakeholders. To develop the knowledge to enable strategic investment in the ‘right’ innovation, inline with our growing customer base, and ensure we are always one step ahead of competitors. Our customers are demanding value added technologies that include: in-mould labeling, recycling, efficiency in power consumption and process automation; in order to achieve cost savings and many other benefits.”

“Our most recent visit was to Shanghai – Chinaplas, where we benchmarked Chinese suppliers against the worlds’ best. We were encouraged to see Chinese Manufacturers continuing to adopt the latest technologies for safety and environmental impact. This did not exist ten years ago”.

“The South East Asian region has certainly become the business hub for the rest of the world. The European countries are typically at the forefront of technology development but have a high cost of investment. Pricing in the South East Asia region continues to be attractive in comparison and the gap in quality/technological advances has significantly reduced, even when compared to the European brands.These markets are to be watched as they evolve to meet consumer needs”.

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