Class Plastics (Aust) Pty Ltd investing for a successful future

Daniel Carapellotti


Class Plastics (Aust) Pty is proud of the $1.8m investment for the last two years that has gone directly to factory improvements and developments. This investment has been due to the Government funding,“Investing in Manufacturing Technology Grant”, with the benefits achieved flowing through the factory, staff, external suppliers and also their customers.

There have been a number of innovative developments with the first at their Truganina, Victorianfactory being the purchase of two high-speed blow mould machines that have increased production throughput the factory.Daniel says, “The purchase of new high speed machines has provided exceptional returns and has increased overall productivity by up to 50%,(with the added benefit of power saving), and automated labelling.

Further there has been installation of a “Sawyer” robot on a fuel can line, which assists in performing high repetition tasks.“Our employees will be able to be more dynamic and focus on tasks like quality control.”

“Our latest project which is still a work in progress is the installation of an automation cell that includes leak detection, automatic bung and dust cap fitting, conveying to a central location and packing items onto pallets and an automated feed system of resin into machine hoppers. We expect to see materials handling improvement, less forklift use, less floor space required for raw materials and a greater space for finished product.   This project plans to be completed by November this year and see minimal manual handling and increased safety performance.”

“What is pleasing to see”,Daniel Carapellotti, Director says, “is this allows us greater ability to upscale production capacity that is line with our expected growth plans and as such will lead to more jobs growth. Our current staff is now benefiting from training and opportunity for different roles, thus enabling a more skilled and flexible work force. Not only are we passionate about our staff but also Australian businesses, so with this project we outsourced to Australian based companies, one in engineering consulting and one in fabrication of equipment.”

“The installation of a Power Factor Correction unit also enabled our plant to use power more efficiently by up to 25%.   These are all part of our continued committed to be environmentally responsible and ensuring that our unit costs remain low,enabling competitive pricing and passing any savings on to our customer base.”

As a final comment Daniel adds, “We are proud how these initiatives have increased our overall production efficiencies. We have never been in such a strong position to benefit from what the future may hold.” For further information
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