Anti-Glug Container Prevents Messy Spillage and Saves You Money

A breakthrough in technology and innovation, Class Plastics’ Anti-Glug container features an anti-glug neck for pouring liquids with ease whilst preventing messy spillages, unnecessary waste and potential safety hazards.  

What is the Anti-Glug Container?

The familiar glug, glug, glug sound of pouring liquids from a container poses the constant threat of product spillages and unnecessary waste. Not to mention those time-consuming cleanups and risks of potential hazards from dangerous goods. In over 17 years that we’ve been in the industry, we have not seen a significant improvement with containers to address this need. It has always been the standard containers. You just fill, pour, and hope for the best.

No more glugging and splashing!

Class Plastics, Australia’s leading packaging company, has perfected a way to put an end to costly, unhealthy and time-consuming mess when pouring liquids from containers. The Class Plastics Anti-Glug container features an anti-glug neck that allows liquid to flow smoothly thereby:
  • preventing messy spillages,
  • Eliminating unnecessary waste, and
  • Removing potential safety hazards.
Moreover, the Anti-Glug container prevents cavitation to protect and ensure the high quality of your products. Containers can be emptied much quicker with the Anti-Glug technology, resulting in directly saving time. The Anti- Glug container is ideal for transport of lubricants, agricultural chemicals, detergents, flavors and ingredients, solvents, chlorine, acids, and other general chemicals. We have spent a number of years and invested thousands of dollars to perfect these containers. Our Anti-Glug containers are blow-moulded and designed using state of the art technology for quick pouring, no glugging, and utmost durability. A specifically designed blow pin is used to create a hollow handle that allows the container to be filled to the top for continuous flow of liquid. This quite challenging design took extensive research to get it right, and performing at a high quality level consistent with our expectations for our products and serving our customers. Class Plastics Anti-Glug As part of our commitment to give ultimate value to our customers, we are continuously improving the strength and reliability of all our products. Recent improvements to the Anti-Glug container include altered neck tooling to make the handle wider, stronger and ensure that the container does indeed come off the production line with a completely hollow handle. The R&D team also increased the overall wall thickness to strengthen the entire container. When a customer decides to shift to the Anti-Glug container, there might be a need to modify their filling machine. The actual neck of the container has a little breathing channel, which results in a smaller neck size.  Sometimes, the shaft of the filling machine cannot fit, this smaller neck. In these cases, Class Plastics is happy to advise and assist with the minor modifications.

Prevent Messy Spillages and Sell More of Your Product

The additional up front investment required to purchase our anti-glug containers and to setup your filling machine correctly, will be more than offset by the return on investment – higher sales and much higher customer satisfaction as your customers benefit directly from the splash-free dispensing and ease of use of the new container. One of our customer who recently decided to replace their conventional containers with the Anti-Glug, have seen their sales increase from around $2000 a month, to over $10,000 a month since switching to the new container, because they were able to sell more of their products as a result of the benefits their customer experienced:
  • No more splashing and messy, potentially dangerous spills
  • Faster empty times
  • Consistent liquid product quality due to less aeration and splashing
Of course, there are competitive products in the marketplace, that claim to have anti-glug or non-spilling properties. Most of these products require special techniques for pouring, such as keeping the spout at the top to allow air back into the container, or other special tricks.  Only Class Plastics’ Anti-Glug container requires NO special pouring techniques. Just tip up, like you normally would, and the container will empty, quickly, with no glugging, no spillage or splashing in a safe and convenient manner. As a result of the recent increase in wall and neck thickness, customers can now stack a second pallet of the Anti-Glug containers on top of the first and make more room for freight, resulting in additional transport cost savings.

Anti-Glug Container – A Market Revolution

Needless to say, Class Plastics Anti-Glug is a revolution in the marketplace. This is probably the first time rigid packaging has had such a change, and this is the way the market will go because of the numerous advantage this container offers.  

Make the Switch to an Anti-Glug Container Now

To find out how you can make the switch to our Anti-Glug container and put an end to costly, unhealthy and time-consuming mess when pouring liquids from containers, Contact Us now.

Make the switch to our Anti-Glug container and put an end to costly, unhealthy and time consuming mess when pouring!

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