Vision Statement

Our Mission

We provide the packaging that gives ultimate value to our customers.

Our Vision

We will be the best packaging company in Australia and the world, working in true partnership with our customers, our suppliers, and among ourselves.

Our Values

  • Our people are our past, present and future.

We will honour the Class Plastics way of doing things, building upon our history as a special place to work. We will operate within a culture of integrity, character and respect. We will maintain a safe working environment. We will attract and cultivate a responsible, competent, efficient and empowered workforce. We will provide opportunities to excel. We will communicate. We will listen.

  • Our customers are our reason for being.

We will keep our promises to our customers. We will be synonymous with quality and service. We will solve their packaging challenges. We will prove the value of our relationship by being the best at what we do.

  • Our products are our livelihood.

We will be a low-cost manufacturer and the high-value supplier in our core industry segments. We will innovate, using our ingenuity and creativity to provide better solutions. We will maintain our focus on where we can be the best and apply our expertise to do it better.

  • Our communities and the environment are our backdrop.

We will be a conscientious citizen, a responsive community neighbour and a responsible steward of the earth’s natural resources.