Environmental Commitment

Class Plastics Reduces Carbon Footprint

Environmental issues are of great importance to all staff at Class Plastics. Every employee knows clean air and water are privileges to be respected so plans within the factory to continually improve standards and reduce environmental impacts are always up for discussion.

Our policies on using low wattage lighting, efficient electric forklifts, re-use of scrap, water storage tanks and our significant investment in the latest low-consumption manufacturing technologies have created a culture empowering all employees to be continuously on the lookout for new ways to conserve energy and perform more efficiently.
Using a superior quality resin to create our raw materials means we can consume less to manufacture each unit and still deliver the strength to perform that our customers demand. This also feeds into our overall policy on minimising our kilowatts per unit usage because a reduction in the raw ingredients translates into a lower energy requirement to create each finished product.

Combine all these measures with our plant-wide waste minimisation strategy to reduce landfill, and the team at Class Plastics are right to be proud of their achievements in improving environmental outcomes for all. They know speaking up about their environmental concerns actively contributes toward the greener planet we would all like to live in.