A Day in the Life of the Production Manager

We are thrilled to feature yet another awesome member of our team. This time, we are featuring our production manager, Carlo Sangalli. 

As the Production Manager of Class Plastics, Carlo brings his wealth of experience in the manufacturing field including the plastics industry. His longest stint was in the automotive industry when he worked for a company that supplied parts to Toyota plants in Melbourne. 

At Class Plastics, Carlo oversees all facets of our production process as well as quality assurance and customer service. He makes sure that all of our containers are produced and maintained at a high level to meet both our customers’ and regulatory standards. 

We asked Carlo what his typical day looks like.

Can you give us a summary of your role?

I am the Production Manager of Class Plastics. I overlook all facets of our production process as well as quality control, maintenance, logistics and customer service.

What does your typical day look like?

I come to work early in the morning to catch up with the people who worked the night shift. I check with them to see how their shift went and if there are any challenges that we need to address for the day. I also meet with the day shift supervisor to check what the plans are for the day in terms of production and if there are some things that we need to change in our daily plan. I walk around the shop to greet the night shift and day shift teams and make sure that everything is well-organised and ready for the day. 

I also get in touch with our Operations Manager, Dave, to see to it that we are well-coordinated in terms of the warehouse logistics, as well as if there are any customer complaints that we need to address. Then, I’d have coffee with Mario to talk about our goals for the day, both onsite and offsite. 

After meeting with the team and key persons of the company, I go to my office to review our production data and prepare the daily reports. I also go through some quality issues or customer complaints, if any. 

How do you keep yourself on top of the latest developments in the industry?

I use the internet quite often to keep myself up to date with the latest trends. I also have a couple of ex-colleagues in the industry that I regularly chat with. But more often than not, I do my own research to see what other companies in the world are doing, and I usually discuss those with Mario and Daniel to see how we can apply those new ideas to the company. What do you like most about your role?

I like that Mario and Daniel are very open about new  ideas on how we can better improve our service. They are always keen to try new things.

In terms of long-term planning, what do you think can you improve in the current process?

For me and everyone here at Class Plastics, every day is a learning experience, and whilst the whole team is really doing an excellent job, we continuously aim to improve on a lot of things such as in scheduling, forecasting, and using historical data, to make sure that we provide our team and customers with the best experience each time.

What type of challenges are you experiencing right now, especially with the global pandemic?

To be honest, I’d say the pandemic has been a game-changer for us. Our sales have gone up in the past few months since there’s been a huge surge in companies that sell cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, and sanitizers. We’re happy that we were able to act quickly to meet their demands, and hopefully, because of that, we can retain most of these customers. We really took advantage of that by increasing our production and supply.

What’s the best thing about working with Class Plastics?

I like that I am busy every day. I get to do and learn a lot of things each day. We have a great team of people who are always keen to try some new ideas to make things better and more efficient.

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